AppBuilder Product Support


Ongoing Technical Support

AppBuilder Solutions offer first-class technical support services end-to-end throughout the project lifecycle, providing the know-how and

resources to help you get your IT projects up and running in minimal time and with maximum effectiveness.

We provide 24x7 support to our customers in order to guarantee that their mission-critical applications are always running


Our Support site provides information to clients concerning AppBuilder product, fixes for logged incidents, as well as general

information regarding how to use our Support services.

Our clients may manage and report on any product related incidents from this site.

Each customer has a unique customer ID and password for accessing our support site. If you need an ID, simply contact

AppBuilder’s support and one will be supplied to you.


Contact Support

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Support Site: 


We provide our customers an easy-to-use application for support-call tracking called Customer First®.

To log on to this application, use the following URL: