About Us


AppBuilder Solutions is a subsidiary of Magic Software Enterprises, a global provider of mobile and cloud-enabled application and business integration.

We provide our customers state of the art products in order to accelerate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of large-scale , multi-platform

business applications across the enterprise environment.


Our technology gives our partners and customers the power to speed up the development of large scale applications, while saving resources,

enhancing business agility, and focusing on core business priorities.


AppBuilder is a well-proven technology and has been used in the creation of many large-scale, multi-platform applications across a range of

industry verticals, including banking, insurance, healthcare and government. Through continual investment in R&D, AppBuilder has retained

its place as a leader in the enterprise application development market and the recent acquisition by Magic Software Enterprises has ensured

that it will continue at the forefront of innovation.


We have over 25 years of experience, dozens of Global-2000 corporations customers and installations worldwide.