AppBuilder Collaboration for large teams of software developers




One of the challenges facing organisations wanting to build enterprise-scale, multi-faceted applications is the need for

collaboration and resource-sharing between disparate teams of staff. AppBuilder's  collaboration is best for  large teams of software developers.

AppBuilder, incorporates a comprehensive asset management environment(repository) that stores all application-related artifacts.


Key Features


 • All application objects and the relationships between them are stored within a database environment known as the AppBuilder Repository.

   That includes : analysis & design models, documents, data schemas, user interfaces, source code, executables and control code

   (JCL, REXX, Shell scripts etc).


• Provides a holistic view of the system and unrivalled impact analysis capabilities


• Built-in Assessment and Management of changes to the business data model or process flow .


• Fully scalable repository that meets different project resource requirements, and can accommodate collaboration between many

   hundreds of developers within a single environment.


• Integration capabilities : non-AppBuilder objects can be imported into AppBuilder repository through XML interface.

  AppBuilder objects can be exported to non-AppBuilder applications through XML interface.


• Ability to share handereds of thousands of application objects amongst the development community.


• Object-level version control, release branching and complete life-cycle management that ensures adherence to the strictest

  IT governance strategies.

Key Benefits

Large teams collaboration supporting of hundreds of developers and analysts and sharing of hundreds of thousands

  of artifacts amongst them.

• Efficient application maintenance through object re-usability

• Fast implementation of application-wide changes through accurate built-in assessment and impact analysis.

• Maximized development and maintenance efficiency