AppBuilder Large-scale Multi Platform Support



AppBuilder uses a Business-to-code paradigm that enables the automatic creation of a wide range of deployments to desired platforms,

languages and databases.
AppBuilder-generated applications can be deployed across a variety of operating systems, transaction processors and application servers

depending on business & technical requirements.  
Traditional client-server and complex multi-platform topologies are easily realized using the open AppBuilder frameworks, which manage

the technical implementations for all the supported environments.  
By providing the numerous code generation and deployment options, AppBuilder ensures greater application longevity than nearly any

other cross-platform development tool or language, and manages to do so while providing open, non-runtime-dependent code.
As technology has evolved so have our generation capabilities – ensuring that the most up-to-date techniques are used wherever possible.



Key Features

        • The same development source code can be transformed to various languages, databases and environments.
      • • Supports various languages : Java, C#, COBOL, HTML
      • • Supports various databases : Oracle, DB2, MsSQL, IMS,Sybase
      • • Supports various environments: Mainframe z/OS, Unix, Windows
      • • Supports SOA
      • • Supports Communications across platforms through industry standard protocols and message formats
      •    including: TCP/IP, HTTP/ SOAP 1.1 & 1.2, LU62, WCF and RMI/IIOP.
      • • Interfacing to and from AppBuilder applications is easily performed through standard program calls; there is
      •   no complex API coding required.


Key Benefits


• Focus remains firmly on achieving the business goals and is not lost in the myriad of technical details.


• Reduced costs of various technology experts. AppBuilder code generators already contain the required expertise

  that is needed per each technology that appBuilder supports.
• Smooth transition to the newest technologies with minimum investment and minimum risk.

• Maximum longevity for applications, thus increasing the returns on their development cost.

• Maintainable Code: AppBuilder generated source code is non-proprietary, human-readable and human-maintainable.

• Best Performance: AppBuilder generates highly efficient code –applications with the highest transaction rates can be

  confident of superior application performance and throughput.

• No Vendor lock-in: AppBuilder generates open code and open frameworks giving customers peace of mind over concerns

  of vendor lock-in



Large range of platforms support