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html5What is AppBuilder for HTML5? 




AppBuilder for HTML5 is AppBuilder’s latest code generator that generates browser-server applications. On the browser side it enables developers to generate HTML5 and CSS.On the server side there are two generation options: Java and C# utilizing AppBuilder’s respective run-time libraries. The generated code is standard Java/C# and can be compiled using standard Java/.NET compilers.










Advantages of using AppBuilder for HTML5 code generator? 


Simplified Web development
 - Generating Browser-Server applications using AppBuilder is much

simpler compared to developing directly in HTML5/CSS/Java/C#. Companies continue benefiting from all

the advantages of the AppBuilder development environment and repository, while modernizing to HTML5.

Ensure application longevity - Developed Applications can continue to be delivered to multiple
language targets (HTML5, Java, C# and COBOL) from a single source.  In using AppBuilder to generate
executable code, companies ensure the future of their investment.
Simple migration to Open Platforms - With AppBuilder HTML5, migration becomes simple, fast and affordable.
The impact on existing development processes and delivery procedures is minimal.
Reuse of current resources -  Customers can utilize their current AppBuilder staff to develop their new HTML5 applications.
There is no need to hire new Java, C# or web developers and experts to develop the new HTML5 applications.

Key Benefits

  • Cost reduction
  • Simple migration to open platforms
  • State-of-the-art browser based applications
  • Adaptable to company standards via CSS
  • Optional deployment into J2EE or .NET
  • Simplified environment for large-scale
    development of Java or .NET application



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